The following is a book about the McConnell family written in the 1930s by R. Kirk McConnell. It is published here since it is a book by and about McConnells. Unfortunately, there are a many inaccuracies in this book. There are websites with more accurate histories written by historians. A good place to look is at the history of Clan Donald by Wikipedia. DNA evidence does confirm that the Alexander McConnell who lived by Octorara Creek and his descendants (the USA section of the book) are descendants of the clan chiefs of the MacDonald/McConnell clan. This is because there are eight descendants of Alexander McConnell who tested their DNA and this DNA matched the DNA of the Clan Chiefs, descendants of Somerled . With a DNA test you can now ascertain whether the people described below are your direct male ancestors. Other early McConnells related to the clan chiefs are the descendants of Robert McConnell (b. 1729 in Ireland) who lived in Elizabeth Twp, Allegheny Co., PA and some North Carolina McConnells. Even if your ancestors are not linked to the DNA of the clan chiefs (about 15% are) if you are a McConnell chances are a fair amount of your ancestry through female lines links you to them and to the people of early Dalriada and the ancient Scottish and Irish people who made up most of the genetic background of the McConnell Clan.

A History of the McConnell Family

by R. Kirk McConnell and Rev. R.J.J. McConnell

"From the Origin of the Name to the Present Time"

Introduction to the Clan Ian Mhoir

The first chief of Clan Ian Mhoir, Ian Mhoir Tanistear

The second chief of Clan Ian Mhoir, Donald Ballock

The third chief of Clan Ian Mhoir, Sir John Mor

The fourth chief of Clan Ian Mhoir, Alexander Konnel

The fifth chief of Clan Ian Mhoir, James McConnell

The sixth chief of Clan Ian Mhoir, Archibald McConnell

The seventh chief of Clan Ian Mhoir, Angus McConnell

The eighth chief of Clan Ian Mhoir, James McConnell

The diffusion of Clan Ian Mhoir

Early McConnells in America