____ - ____

Father: Living
Mother: Living

|                     |
|                     |_______________________
|                      _Marion Walker LITTLE _
|                     | (1887 - 1946) m 1914  
                      |_Alida C. CLARK _______+
                        (1891 - 1976) m 1914  


[36900] living - details excluded


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____ - ____

Family 1 : Keturah SHIPLEY
  1. +Keturah BARNES



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Jonathan GOFF


16 JUN 1767 - 23 AUG 1840

Father: David GOFF
Mother: Prudence JOHNSON

Family 1 : Lydia HARDING
  1. +Henry GOFF
  2.  Harriet GOFF
  3.  Huldah GOFF
  4. +Hiram GOFF
  5.  Prudence GOFF
  6.  Harlow GOFF
  7.  Alonzo GOFF
  8. +Harlow GOFF
  9. +Lydia GOFF
  10.  Permelia GOFF

 _David GOFF _________|
|                     |
|                     |__
|--Jonathan GOFF 
|  (1767 - 1840)
|                      __
|                     |  
|_Prudence JOHNSON ___|
  (.... - 1817)       |


[35068] Our ancestor Jonathan Goff has been the source of much confusion because there were two
Jonathan Goffs who lived about the same time in Middletown, CT. The book "Genealogical
& Historical Register of the Descendants of Edward Morris of Roxbury, Mass, and Woodstock,
Conn," by Jonathan Flynt Morris, shows a Jonathan Goff born on March 4, 1757 and Middletown
Vital Records show the same date. This man was not our ancestor (or anyone else's ancestor).
A list of "Connecticut Returns" shows that this Jonathan Goff was dead in 1783-- the cause
of death was not indicated. He had no descendants. Unfortunately the two Goffs were mixed
together and his war records were used by some relatives to join the the Daughters of the
American Revolution.

Our Jonathan Goff lived on the east side of the Connecticut River (the other Jonathan lived
on the west side) and he was born in 1767. He was born too late to really participate in
the Revolution although there is a family record that he worked cutting ship's timbers in
Georgia to help the American cause. Two different genealogies I have show Jonathan Goff was
born in Middle Haddam in 1767. One, "Bacon & Allied Families" was from a Bible in the posses-
sion of Henry K. Goff. He states "In regard to the birth dates of Jonathan (June 16, 1767)
and Lydia Goff (Sept. 26, 1776); the bible I have and from which the dates were copied was
given to father and mother on their 25th aniversary and the dates were copied from an older
bible that had been in the family for many years farther back than I can remember. I think
they were written there before Jonathan Goff died and I am certain they are correct. " A
Goff family genealogy done by Frank Starr shows his birth date as January 16, 1767. These
are consistent, especially since it would be easy to confuse "Jan" and "Jun" on an old
handwritten date. However, I could not locate vital records or church records to verify
these dates. I do know that Harlow Goffs death certificate does show that both his parents
were born in Connecticut and Jonathan Goffs tombstone says 1767.

In the book Bacon and Allied Families, page 343, Henry K. Goff sent the following story on
Feb 1, 1932: "The last year of the War Jonathan went with a Company to Georgia and spent
the Summer getting out ships timbers. He was then 16." It is logical that if someone in
the Revolution needed people to work on ships, they would seek out the ship builders from
around Chatham because that was the main industry there.

It would be very interesting to know to what, if any, extent our ancestors were involved
in the ship building industry the main industry around Chatham. According to the research
librarian at the East Hampton, CT public library, Sue, a large part of Eastham, MA used to
work for a British shipbuilding company called Chatham, which originated in Chatham, Kent,
England a city known for shipbuilding in England. Around 1739 the shipbuilding company
decided to move its American operations to Middletown, CT, in the area east of the Connecti-
cut River that is now East Hampton, CT. Such a large population from Eastham moved at one
time (including Nathan Harding and his family), that many vital records for events that
happened in Eastham were taken from Eastham and stored in Middletown, Connecticut. The
result is the documentation for this time period is confusing. For example, the record of
Nathan Harding and Anne Browns marriage intentions, which occurred in Eastham, MA, is
recorded in the Middletown, CT vital records. The same is true for Ebenezer Harding's birth.
In 1767, Chatham, which was the part of Middletown that was across the Connecticut River,
split off and became a separate town and some vital records were moved to that town. Then
in 1915, Chatham was renamed East Hampton in honor of the citys first settlers who had come
from Eastham. So records of our ancestors before 1767 say Middletown and afterward they say
Chatham, and later they say East Hampton although our ancestors did not move. Also, within
East Hampton/Chatham/Middletown city limits, along the Connecticut River, are the villages
Middle Haddam and Haddam Neck who had separate church records but were considered part of
the larger cities for vital records.

According to Henry K. Goff in "Bacon and Allied Families," p. 342, Jonathan Goffs father was
named David Goff. "Great grandfather DAVID GOFF was in the Revolutionary Army. Nine soldiers
went out on a scouting expedition, took three days rations, got lost in the woods, returned
hungry and were given a feast from which eight of them died. Grandfather got home but died.
He had four sons in the army; two enlisted as teamsters and drove ox teams for LaFayettes Army
from Connecticut to Yorktown, and were there at the surrender. As to the history of DAVID
GOFF and his four sons that were in the army; what I have learned and written about them was
told me by my father and Harriet Goff when she was an invalid and lived in our family until
I was 17 years old." From the above it appears that David Goff had a large family, and we
regret that we only have data on one of his sons, Jonathan.

One clue to the rest of the family is in the 1790 census. Jonathan Goff is listed surrounded
by other Goff heads of households. The other Goff heads of households listed in Chatham in
1790 were Samuel, James, Josiah, Jacob, Benjamin, and Gideon.

Jonathan Goff was probably married once before he married Lydia Harding. The 1790 census
shows him in Chatham, Middlesex Co., CT., as the head of household with one male child under
16. There is no local record of the marriage. He married Lydia Harding in 1796. It is likely
that his wife died and the son shown in the census was Charles H. Goff who was buried in the
Knoxboro cemetery with a tombstone with the dates 1787-1805.

When Jonathan Goff and Lydia Harding married on April 3, 1796, Lydia was very likely already
pregnant. Her first child was born September 30, 1796, seven months later.

Both of Lydia Goff's parents referred to Lydia as "Lydia Goff" in their wills, which provide
clear proof of her relationship.

Jonathan Goff moved to Oneida Co., NY about 1800. He is shown in the 1800 census living next
to Ebenezer Harding (Lydia Harding Goffs father) in Chatham, Middlesex Co., CT. According to
the 1850 census of the family of Harlow Goff, his daughter Harriet Goff was born in Middletown,
Connecticut in 1798 while Hulda Goff was born in Oneida Co., NY in 1802.

Many brothers and sisters of Lydia Harding also moved to Oneida Co., NY. The Harding family
genealogies show that Lydia Harding's brother, George Harding, moved to Oneida County, NY.
From there he moved on to Sandy Creek, Oswego Co., NY in 1805. Amos Harding moved to Utica,
Oneida Co., NY. Elizabeth Harding also moved to Oneida Co., NY.

In 1811 Jonathan and his wife Lydia bought land in Oneida Co., NY. This is recorded in Book
22, page 14. In 1814 Jonathan is listed in a census as a land owner.

In the 1820, Oneida Co., NY census Jonathan Goff is listed. There was 1 male
over 45, one male 16-25, 1 male 10-15, and 1 male under 10. 1 female over 45,
2 females 16-25, 1 female 10-15, 2 females under 10.

In the 1840 census Jonathan Goff is listed in the Augusta Twp, Oneida Co., NY. 1 male 70-79,
1 male 20-29, 1 male 15-19. 1 female 40-49, 1 female 30-39, 2 females 15-19.

Jonathan Goff wrote his will on March 21, 1840, in Oneida Co., NY, Book #26, pages 296-297.
Then he wrote a codicil to the will on August 21, 1840, just two days before his death on
August 23, 1840. His name is written Johnathan Goffe, the same way it is written on his
tombstone. Other places where is name is spelled is spelled "Jonathan Goff." He signed with
a mark, which probably means he could not read or write.

In his will, Jonathan gave his son Harlow Goff all his personal belongings and real estate
in the town of Augusta, estimated to be about 26 acres. He willed money to his son Henry Goff
(first $400 later reduced in a codicil to $200), to Hiram Goff $200, later reduced to $100, also
he asked that Harlow Goff provide for his sisters Harriet Goff and Hulday Goff "since they are
infirm and in feeble health." He asked Harlow Goff to pay to his sister Prudence Miller $80.
He also asked that he pay Lydia Greenman $20 and pay his daughter Permelia Goff $400.

In the Knoxboro Cemetery, Town of Augusta, are listed the following stones:

Goffe, Johnathan (Rev. War) 1767-1840
Goffe, Lydia 1776-1834
Goffe, Charles H. 1787-1805
Goffe, Harriet 1798-1861
Goffe, Huldah 1802-1851
Ruth Knox Goodrich 1886-1953

A note with a tablespoon in possession of descendants:
"Great grandfather Jonathan Goff, who died in 1840, was a soldier in the Revolutionary War.
Silver coins were in his pocket when he died. His children decided to have the coins made into
two spoons. This is one of the spoons. The other was burned in Uncle Henry's house."

[35067] [S3117] Per the Goff family genealogy.

[103464] [S3637] Connecticut Church Records, Connecticut State Library, East Hampton Church,


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Joseph C. KNOX

23 SEP 1794 - 8 JAN 1863

Family 1 : Louisa DAVIDSON
  1. +Nancy Selina KNOX


[79374] [S13781] Law, McConnell Family Tree on

[79375] [S13781] Law, McConnell Family Tree on

[106466] [S13781] Law, McConnell Family Tree on


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Horace Eugene MCCONNELL

9 DEC 1870 - 11 JUL 1937

Father: George C. MCCONNELL
Mother: Charlotte "Lotta" E. WHITCOMB

Family 1 : Blanch SHARP
  1.  Zelma E. MCCONNELL
  2.  Lloyd MCCONNELL

                                  _Thomas MCCONNELL _______+
                                 | (1810 - 1876) m 1840    
 _George C. MCCONNELL ___________|
| (1841 - 1925) m 1865           |
|                                |_Margaret MILLER ________
|                                  (1818 - 1906) m 1840    
|--Horace Eugene MCCONNELL 
|  (1870 - 1937)
|                                 _Horace Newell WHITCOMB _
|                                | (1824 - 1886)           
|_Charlotte "Lotta" E. WHITCOMB _|
  (1844 - 1932) m 1865           |
                                 |_Jane Ann TOMS __________
                                   (1826 - 1905)           


[20006] [S4189] Ohio Deaths 1908 to 1953.

[19998] [S311] 1880 Census, Sullivan, Ashland, OH

[19999] [S4189] Ohio Deaths 1908 to 1953.

[20000] [S311] 1880 Census, Sullivan, Ashland, OH

[20001] [S4305] 1910 Census, Milford Center, Union Co., OH

[20002] [S13937] 1920 Census, Milford Center, Union Co., OH

[20003] [S4189] Ohio Deaths 1908 to 1953.

[20004] [S4189] Ohio Deaths 1908 to 1953.

[20005] [S3869] Tombstone

[103988] [S4305] 1910 Census, Milford Center, Union Co., OH


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1867 - ____

Father: James M. MCCONNELL
Mother: Julia A. _____

                       _James MCCONNELL ____+
                      | (1822 - ....) m 1842
 _James M. MCCONNELL _|
| (1846 - 1916) m 1865|
|                     |_Sarah STEWART ______
|                       (1825 - ....) m 1842
|  (1867 - ....)
|                      _____________________
|                     |                     
|_Julia A. _____ _____|
  (1850 - ....) m 1865|


[96483] [S11420] 1880 Census, Allegheny (Pittsburgh), Allegheny Co., PA

[96484] [S11420] 1880 Census, Allegheny (Pittsburgh), Allegheny Co., PA


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1828 - ____

Father: John Arthur MCCONNELL
Mother: Hanna "Henrietta" WATT

                           _Arthur J. MCCONNELL _+
                          | (1765 - 1861)        
 _John Arthur MCCONNELL __|
| (1799 - 1863) m 1827    |
|                         |_Catherine MOURY _____
|                           (1771 - 1844)        
|--Rachael MCCONNELL 
|  (1828 - ....)
|                          ______________________
|                         |                      
|_Hanna "Henrietta" WATT _|
  (1809 - ....) m 1827    |


[16102] [S1215] EJ (Mac) McConnell, P.O. Box 421, West Fork, AR 72774. Email:

[16103] [S1209] 1850 Census, Clearfield Twp, Cambria Co., PA


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Benedict B. TIMME

11 NOV 1888 - ____

Father: Theodore TIMME
Mother: Barbara KANNEY

Family 1 : Estella Maria MCCONNELL

 _Theodore TIMME _____|
|                     |
|                     |__
|--Benedict B. TIMME 
|  (1888 - ....)
|                      __
|                     |  
|_Barbara KANNEY _____|


[67436] [S6071] Indiana Marriages, 1780 to1992

[105681] [S6071] Indiana Marriages, 1780 to1992


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